Ozine Fest 2014 Day 2


Ozine Fest 2014 Day 2

This is my first time ever attending a cos play event, and I enjoyed every second of it. :”> guys please check the links for pictures, you might be in there. hahaha please do like and share my page while you’re at it.


KHUNTORIA we got married Nickhun and Victoria


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this is so sad. watching their last episode made my breathing difficult. my heart felt so heavy. So hard watching it. I wish they could be a real couple but then again Nickhun and Victoria’s fan wouldn’t like it. They are the sweetest couple. When they are together it’s so natural that you wouldn’t think they are just a virtual couple :((

from now on I will be Nickhun’s fan. He really is a gentleman, from the beginning to the end THERE WAS NO PRETENDING in both parties. :((((( im really speechless now.

Maybe even after I watch another season of WGM khuntoria will still be the best for me because they seem so real. :(( when watching them i thought “maybe after WGM they would date each other”


Thats all. I hope to see them in the future TOGETHER



I do, I do Review


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WOOOOOW. 9 out of 10. I had so much fun watching this. I didn’t even fast forward any scene. The ending was a bit insufficient for me. but still a very good korean drama. I HAD A LOT of LAUGHS and KILIG moments. :”> The guy was totally handsome, both guys. the doctor and tae gang. I also loved the antagonist NA RI because for me she wasn’t just any antagonist that will ruin every happy moment but I found her interesting and kind-hearted. the story was amazing. A must watch for all korean drama addicts that love to laugh and fall in love.

YEYYY I finished another korean drama . hooray for me. Maybe I will be watching Boys over flower AGAIN. I’ve already watched it but it was way back when I was not a korean drama addict, now that I am, I want to watch it again because I know I will appreciate it more.


That’s all guys. another korean drama to watch.

Gu Family Book Review




Gu family book isn’t one of my most memorable K-Drama because I hate tragic stories but I end up finishing it and was very heart-broken with the tragic ending of kang chi’s parents love and kangchi’s love. The story was not just about love, it was about family, friends, and nation. I pity the antagonist because He wasn’t able to beat his greediness and end up losing all he have. My heart is still in pain because the actor was so good that up to now I wish I could just marry them off with his one true love. AHHHHHHHH. :(( so sad. I wish this could have season 2. :”>

My overall rating would be 7 out of 10. This story will get 10 out of 10 if they will have season 2 because I want a happy ending for kang chi and yeo wool. this is also a must watch for k-dramas addict out there. It amuses me that the Lee Seung-Gi is a GUMIHO here because from the drama series “My gf is a nine-tailed fox” he was the human and his girlfriend was the gumiho. but I was really looking forward in seeing some tails because a Gumiho is known for their tails but in this drama I haven’t seen any tail. that’s all. Hope my review will help you decide whether you’ll watch this or not. :”> I’m excited for next week. what will be my next “To watch” :”>

Father’s Day




To the Best DAD in the world.

I made this for my daddy. even though I can’t directly tell him “I LOVE YOU DAD”, I know that he can feel it.

To the person who gave me thousand of LAST CHANCE even though I kept on failing and disappointing him.

To the person who doesn’t tell me ” I LOVE YOU “, but SHOWS it.

To the person whom I call my DADDY,

thanks for everything, for giving me the chance to start again after failing a hundred times, for working

day and night just to pay for everything..


I know it isn’t fathers day yet, but I just want to post this and show people how I appreciate my dad.

Dream High Review





Six students at Kirin High School have the dream of becoming K-pop idols. During their school years, they learn how to develop their singing, songwriting and dancing skills while undergoing personal growth. They also go through their love life and start to develop feelings for each other. Each one of the students has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but they strive to debut with the support and guidance of each other.



If you are into music and dancing this one is good, got a lot of K-POP artist–talented ones.. I watched this twice because it’s very good and the story is unique too, At first I thought the story will be focusing on Go Hye Mi, but it didn’t, at the end I found out that it was Song Sam Dong. The story is about friendship and love ones. It made me cry and laugh. the ending though is not as good as it’s story, It was a bit dragging for me, they could have done better.