CSS representative for Mr. and Ms. PCU


IMG_0146 IMG_0158 IMG_0153 IMG_0141 IMG_0138 IMG_0100 IMG_0043these are the pictures I took yesterday of our representative for Mr. and Ms. PCU. I’ve been having second thoughts of posting it here because I’m lazy but now I’m awake and had a good night sleep.

Name: Shannen Dorothy Yap

Name: Richard Bersamir



Shannen Dorothy M. Yap


Shannen Yapthese are all the pictures I posted in my facebook that I took. The girl in the picture is no other than my friend Ms. Shann, she’s running for Ms. Pcu 2014 that is why I decided to have my first photoshoot with her. I think the picture turned out great regarding that I’m just a first-timer.


Been a rough but FUN day.


1606861_281183832029777_844798708_n 1601278_281183875363106_1188606602_n 1528481_281182422029918_1433453982_n 1459062_281183735363120_818890618_nthe above pictures was taken by me. my friends and my school. it’s been 2 and a half years that I’ve been attending this school. and more than 1 year that I’ve been with these guys. We are all more than friends but less than lover, yet greater than best friends. WE ARE SIBLINGS. I love them so much and I wont be tired of taking their pictures. I will be graduating this year and will be leaving my 2 sisters (friends) SHANN and KELLY, but it was a fun ride.


The Canterbury Tales (PCU-Dasma Version)


The Canterbury Tales (PCU-Dasma Version) <——CLICK to read.

I have blogged a few days ago about us having an assignment to draw and describe our own Canterbury tales character, yesterday (july 12, 2013) We presented it on class and described it briefly. Our Professor (Mr. Gilmartin Guerrero) made our own version of the Canterbury Tales (only the prologue– where the characters are being described by the narrator). He posted it in his blogged but only few were chosen, and I was so happy that I saw my character also featured. You can read the full blog entry in the link provided above. I think there are about 20+ characters, so 20+ students were chosen. Thanks Mr Guerrero. hehehehe