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So guys I’ve been mentioning here about my FB PAGE for my Photography, and earlier this night I was so bored and actually put on a make up and did what we call self-portrait.

so in this picture I’m the MODEL, MAKE UP ARTIST and PHOTOGRAPHER. I’m not familiar with this kind of photography so I tried, and here is the result:

Litrato ni Bikya

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Its been a long time sincr I posted something about korean. This past few months I’ve been busy on my case study —coding and documenting. There was no time to watch korean series but I still watch Running man, and yes within november 2013-january2014 I finished all the running man episode and now I’m waiting every week for its latest episode. And that is for today.


Monstar REVIEW


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REVIEW: I finished watching this k-drama yesterday ( september 5, 2013, 11:19pm) all in all its a 5 out of 10. It’s like a combination of dream high 1 and 2. I’m just disappointed with the ending, I mean come on, other conflicts weren’t solved. like who really is the guy that owns the basement. I think he is the real father of the protagonist. ahhhrrrrg. and the ending didn’t even revealed the winner of the battle. ahhhhwwwww. anyways there are still good points in this drama, they are sweet and funny scenes that I took note of. (by the way I always take notes of the kissing scenes in every drama I watch especially the good ones hahahah ).

The main lead (the girl) is a bit disappointing. there are times that he looks like a doll , times that she looks pretty and cute, and times that she really looks UGLY. anyways I still finished it so I think it’s okay. that’s all.

Reply to 1997 / Answer to 1997


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I just finished watching reply to 1997 or Answer to 1997. september 13, 2013(11:32pm) I really am a fan now of the director and the writer of the story. The way they edited the story, the way they cut each scene was so amazing. they way they organized it made me do a lot of guessing. like “who will marry shi won”. I really Love the story. although this drama didn’t help me with my korean learning because in this drama they are using the Busan dialect so it was difficult for me to listen to their dialouges ( the reason why I always watch korean dramas because I love their language and I am self-studying, and it helps if you are watching korean dramas). hahaha But I still Love it.

This is as 10 out of 10. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a korean drama that made me laugh and love. Seo In-Guk is so handsome. the first time I saw him was wen he was a supporting actor in Love rain,but in this drama he’s really outstanding and I hope he will be in another korean drama. LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM.

The story is about “FIRST LOVE”. after watching it, it made me think how I felt when I had my first love. I think my first boyfriend can’t be considered as my first love because I didnt know that time if it was love that I felt for him. I just wanted to have a boyfriend back then. hahahaha. anyway, back to the story, their love made me envious and want to go back to those days where I was still innocent. hahaha. The love story was so good. a lot of kissing scene that made me wanna kiss Seo In-Guk. hahahaha. Seo In-Guk … :”>

That’s all for this review. this is a MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST watch. highl recommended. you wont ever regret. the story is unique. it has its own twist and thrill.



Another wallpaper for my s4.


I’ve created another wallpaper for my samsung galaxy s4 with my JB loves in it. hahaha again I’m so inspired. My seonbae helped me translated the title. But if there is anybody who would like to give a more accurate translation of ” I’ve fallen for you”, you can kindly send me a comment. :”>

Jb’s picture from google, other than that ITS ALL MINE. edited by me.

I do, I do Review


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WOOOOOW. 9 out of 10. I had so much fun watching this. I didn’t even fast forward any scene. The ending was a bit insufficient for me. but still a very good korean drama. I HAD A LOT of LAUGHS and KILIG moments. :”> The guy was totally handsome, both guys. the doctor and tae gang. I also loved the antagonist NA RI because for me she wasn’t just any antagonist that will ruin every happy moment but I found her interesting and kind-hearted. the story was amazing. A must watch for all korean drama addicts that love to laugh and fall in love.

YEYYY I finished another korean drama . hooray for me. Maybe I will be watching Boys over flower AGAIN. I’ve already watched it but it was way back when I was not a korean drama addict, now that I am, I want to watch it again because I know I will appreciate it more.


That’s all guys. another korean drama to watch.