To all the people out there. HI!


As all my followers know, this past few days I’ve been trying to photographed people or anything that is interesting for me. I now have a few collections in my flickr account. you can visit my account in the link provided below. thanks.


CSS representative for Mr. and Ms. PCU


IMG_0146 IMG_0158 IMG_0153 IMG_0141 IMG_0138 IMG_0100 IMG_0043these are the pictures I took yesterday of our representative for Mr. and Ms. PCU. I’ve been having second thoughts of posting it here because I’m lazy but now I’m awake and had a good night sleep.

Name: Shannen Dorothy Yap

Name: Richard Bersamir


saturDATE with My Sister.


IMG_0075IMG_0014 IMG_0016 IMG_0038


The first picture is me taken by my sister and the last 3 pictures is my sister and ofcourse taken by me. I really love the effect of the sunset.

saturDATE. It’s been a long time since my sister and I had our bonding because of her busy schedule and because of my school works.

As you can see my sister looks younger than me. she has a very fine skin and very girly. I’m the opposite of her, my face has many pimples maybe because of the stress the school work gives me and the environment I’m in.

My first ever photo shoot.


IMG_0830 IMG_0874 IMG_1012 IMG_1225 IMG_1296January 2, 2014 I bought a new camera. and just a few hours ago I’ve shoot my friend because she is pretty although his height is lacking, I still think she got what it takes to have a beautiful photo. the above pictures are just teasers because I still cant upload all because I will be using those pictures to gather votes for her because she is running for Ms. PCU at our school hahaha.

A gift for myself — Canon EOS 700D




Today I decided to buy a dslr, at last what I wanted. I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER, I just want to take pictures with high resolution for me to edit it in photoshop, but the pictures above are just edited using Lightroom. The first picture I took, YES as you can see it’s the typical post of someone showing off their cameras. hahaha ohyeah. Maybe starting today I will be posting pictures in my tumblr like I used to, but this time it’s mine. hehehe.