Resources || Learning Materials –for korean selfstudying.


Learning Sites:

How to Study Korean –A great Site for learning Korean. It’s a long and difficult method but I like it since they are breaking it down so you can really understand. 🙂

My Korean Notebook –This is a blog by a person learning korean, and she listed a lots of resources, check it 🙂

TTMIK(Talk to me in korean) –I ignored this once but I’m using it now. for me it’s much easier to understand because I started with How to study in korean. It’s a very popular site and I wold highly recommend it if you learned the basic, because it’s much easier to understand.

as far as learning goes, this are all the sites I’ve tried. 🙂 I’m using How to study Korean and TTMIK now.

Learning Materials:

Korean Children E-books — this site have downloadable Children E-books from Dictionaries – picture books. for more information on how to get the ebook. follow this step:

STEP 1: Click on the first box in the middle of the page. 1) 유아 자료

STEP 2: Find something you want!

꼬마사전: Children picture dictionary

그림책: Picture books

활동놀이책: ermm activity book but it’s just kids stories!

They are organized according to different level / standards. 수준: standard)

You can browse it as an e-book (전자책) or download (다운로드) it. I simply used the e-book version.

CREDITS TO : Click to view the original blog entry. I just copy pasted the instructions from this site.

Korean Videos:

Learn Korean with Professor Oh — this is a youtube playlist by Sweetandtasty, If you are a beginner like me, pronouncing the letters is important, you can learn from her.

Professor Ohs Korean words and phrases –haven’t watched it yet but I know she’s good, I will be watching this sooner or later.

sweet and tasty — sweetandtasty official website.


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