My 2nd OJT


I will be having my 2nd ojt as required by the PCU-D. all IT students have 250hours for ojt on 1st sem and another 250hours for ojt on 2nd sem.

October 21, 2013 (mon)

I just enrolled. It was really tiring because even though it’s a one-stop enrollment the school was not fully prepared. I thought I can go to La salle UMC for application but I can’t because I finished enrolling late. T____T

October 22, 2013 (tue)

I went near La salle again to print and bookbind my narrative report on my 1st OJT. But I cant get it today since it will be released the next day. So again I wasn’t able to accomplish what I want to do. I also got my endorsement letter and went to La salle to pass it along with my resume, but unfortunately the one who will be handling me is not duty so I need to return tomorrow.

October 23, 2013 (wed)

So I went to La salle but they told me I needed a medical certificate and a waiver, so AGAIN I went to school and fortunately it was free of charge. I also printed a waiver. I went back to La Salle and passed it, they told me I can start tomorrow.

October 24, 2013 (thu)

Finally my first day. All my previous boss whom I spent my first OJT, I get to see them again. :”> But now it’s different. Last vacation I have some friends that I can talk with and laugh with, but now i’m flying S-O-L-O since my OJT buddies dont have 2nd ojt’s in their curriculum. But I was still happy because My boss sir Jerick was funny and he gave me tasks that I really had interest in doing. First he made me slice the web images he will use for the La salle website, then after finishing it He made me type the code for the Library Information that sir Carl gave to him as a task, and as I program, I learn things because whenever I don’t know what to do my boss is willing to teach me and I’m very thankful for that. After I finished it I ate my lunch and proceed on fiixing the css of the Library Information and I finished it around 2pm and VOILA my back hurts. hahahahah Because there’s no task anymore for me I browsed educational stuffs in the internet while my boss do his job. This day was really fun and educational, thanks to my boss.


October 30, 2013

Since I went home to our province on October 28 and just got home on October 29. , I will be starting my entry this October 30. October 30 My boss gave me a task. to finish the layout of one of the La salles Web pages, It was very useful to me since for this 2nd semester I will be developing a webportal for the school as my Thesis. I learned that I can use foundation4 to create my webportal since it’s responsive (meaning to say even if you open the webportal on you smart phones the webportal will automatically adjust to fit your gadgets screen.) I’m really learning a lot. I’ve also proof-read my boss’ documentation on the system he had made. 


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