Happy 2014. NEW YEAR

Photo courtesy of ME :">

Photo courtesy of ME :”>

I made something that summarizes my 2013. As you can see at the right side are squares with different eyes that shows different emotions. Pink=love, light blue=pissed, red=mad, yellow=achievement, dark blue=failure. every year we meet different obstacles in our lives that helps us experience different emotion, and some of them are the ones I already mentioned.


LOVE – we all have someone we love and someone who loves us. It is an emotion that is very to deep that even words can’t explain. There are different kinds of love, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which we receive from GOD and also our parents. They love us even with all our flaws and sins. But I think love is one of the most powerful emotions of all because with these we can almost do anything, we sacrifice for the ones we love, we do anything just to please them, and most of all like Jesus– He even died just to pay for all our sins.

ANGER – there are times when even we can’t control ourselves because of anger. ANGER is the most scary emotion for me, it can lead to REVENGE and can even lead us to a miserable life.


I wont further explain the other emotions because I’m running out of English. HAHAHAH. anyways HAPPY 2014 guys. let us all celebrate another year that GOD has given us to fulfill our dreams, correct our mistakes and protect the ones we love.


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