Running man


It’s been a long time since I had an entry in this blog.

photo courtesy of google.

photo courtesy of google.

**(If anyone here can comment their favorite episode please do.)

Running man is a Korean Variety show that I discovered this November 2. Since then I wasn’t able to continue watching The Heirs and the new program Pretty Man but I’m still downloading it and will be watching it in the future. I was SUPER ADDICTED to running man because of the uniqueness of the show, the show is have 7 regular people which includes Yoo Jae Suk, Song ji Hyo, Kang Gary, Kim Jong Kook, Ha Dong Hoon, Ji Suk Jin, and Lee Kwang Soo. They finish every game and will have a winner at the end of the show. but they often have guest that adds fun to it especially if its a pretty girl since 6 out of 7 of them are guys. The show really made me laugh which sometimes leads to tears because of too much funny moments. Maybe I will create here a section or a page in my blog to give you some of my few favorite episodes. Up until now there are 173 episodes and I’ve already watched 91 episodes of them. HAHAHAH the show is really addicting since I love to watch something that will make me laugh. that’s it for now. I will be revealing my favorite show maybe later on when I have the time.


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