We got Married: Lee Teuk and Kang Sora


4:40pm october 29, 2013

I rate this 11 out of 10. (they did more than what I want) ( by the way it’s also the first time I over rated a WGM episode, because it’s very good. I always write according to what and how I feel after watching it)

photo courtesy of en.korea.com

I have to say, LeeTeuk was the most sincere guy in WGM after watching Nickhun, Kwanghee and Jinwoon. Compared to them the level of LeeTeuk’s sincerity is 100%. I realized it when he gave a ring to Kang Sora on his concert, to be a kpop idol it’s very hard bcause of their fans. But for me On my opinion I think the fans should give them a chance to have a lovelife.
giving the ring to kang sora infront of all his fans, I know that he knows that by doing so there will be bad comments about it but still he did it.
As I heard and read on the internet Lee Teuk is still in the army right now, I hope there will be Kang Sora and Lee Teuk after that because they seem so real, the feelings and emotions were so intense that I got really frustrated and cried on their last episode. They ended so soon. But the internet says the reason for leaving WGM —–because Lee teuk will be in the army.

I hope someday Lee Teuk and Kang Sora will be able to read this because they are the first couple that really touched my heart. Watching the last episode was so HEARTBREAKING :((((((((( even though my eyes got teary with nickhun and victoria.. and I cried a bit for Kwanghee and swunha in their last episode, The feeling is different for Lee Teuk and Kang Sora, It feels like my heart is being crumbled into pieces, my throat is aching. I hope that they will be for real after Lee Teuk gets out of the Army.

Kang Sora and Lee Teuk FIGHTING.


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