KHUNTORIA we got married Nickhun and Victoria


photo courtesy of blogspot.


this is so sad. watching their last episode made my breathing difficult. my heart felt so heavy. So hard watching it. I wish they could be a real couple but then again Nickhun and Victoria’s fan wouldn’t like it. They are the sweetest couple. When they are together it’s so natural that you wouldn’t think they are just a virtual couple :((

from now on I will be Nickhun’s fan. He really is a gentleman, from the beginning to the end THERE WAS NO PRETENDING in both parties. :((((( im really speechless now.

Maybe even after I watch another season of WGM khuntoria will still be the best for me because they seem so real. :(( when watching them i thought “maybe after WGM they would date each other”


Thats all. I hope to see them in the future TOGETHER




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