Yonghwa and Seohyun WGM (we got married)


photo courtesy of allkpop.com


Well since we’ve upgraded our internet and now I can download or even watch over the internet, And many of my friends who also love to watch koreans recommended me to watch this, So I decided to watch it. Im in episode 31, there is 20 more to go. the first 31 episode was funny, but  there progress is so low, they wont even hug each other or just kiss even in the forehead or hands. and I think Yonghwa  is a person who loves to be praised. Seohyun?? uhmmm I think he doesn’t like yonghwa. hahah ( just my opinion) anyways there are 30 more episodes so I think I will have to finish it before jumping into conclusions. Look forward for my review about this.



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