Good morning. since its 1:40am here in the Philippines.


I can’t sleep ( 잘 수 없어 )

Just practicing my korean. ARRRRGHHHH. my korean learning is so slow. maybe because I am a college student and its hard for me to study korean while studying my lessons and also watch korean dramas. ahhhh!!!!!!!! so hard. anyways. I’ve been getting a few likes. thanks to all those who are reading my blog even though the stuffs I wrote here are kinda boring. anyways. maybe I will be finishing another korean drama next saturday. so stay tuned. the one I think I will be watching is “MONSTAR” or “I Hear your voice” not sure yet. but please do like my posts. thank you so much. :”> It’s been 3 months I think, since I started this blog. I didn’t expected that I will be able to post my korean journey since I’m “NINGAS KUGON” — a filipino expression used for people who are just good at starting something but won’t finish it. hahaha I dont know if my explanation is accurate but I think you all get the idea. anyways. that’s it for today. :”> good night people.



4 thoughts on “Good morning. since its 1:40am here in the Philippines.

  1. I’ve just barely dipped my toes in Korean for the passed year, but recently I decided to REALLY STUDY and pursue learning the language. It seems daunting at times and like it is going to take forever. I understand it will take time and hard work- we just have to keep going! ^.^ 환이팅!

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