Another wallpaper for my S4. im jae bum (임 재 범)


When I was watching Dream High 2 I was totally into Jin woon but there is one episode that made me fall inlove with JB. hahaha don’t know the reason why. It’s the scene where JB sang “When I cant sing” while Kang sora sleeps in his shoulder (Episode 8). That’s when it started, my love for JB. hahaha. Ever since I can’t stop singing the song and I downloaded and saved it on my cp. and now I made a wallpaper with JB in it. So I can see his face everyday.

The last time I felt this crazy for  korean artist was when I became addicted with korean drama, when I saw Choi Minho in To the beautiful You.

and now it’s JB. I know this crush of mine wont last long because whenever I see another korean drama I end up falling for the guy.


courtesy of me. I made it. but Jb’s picture(got it from google)

edited be my. Got Jb’s pic in google.



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