Dream High 2 REVIEW


(I had this review written yesterday September 6, 2013 @ 12:47 am the exact date and time I’ve finished watching dream high 2)

Just posted it now September 6, 2013 8:08pm



First and foremost sorry if this review will just be an insult to the story of dream high 2, since this is my PERSONAL REVIEW and my review should say what I truly felt after watching it, so sorry for all those who loved dream high 2. woooooaaaaah. the story was so messy. the only thing that kept me from watching this is the 2 handsome guys, if it werent for them I wouldnt be watching this. the story was not good, it’s far from being OK, unlike dream high 1 , I was satisfied with the story and so with its ending. but dream high 2—> I really am disappointed with the plot and the way it ended, they could have done better. but I still fell inlove with JB and jin yoo.

The love story of this is very confusing, I thought Jin Yoo and hae soong will be partnered up but it didn’t happened. Ohhhh! really disappointing. but still I love JB and Jin Yoo. That’s all for me in dream high 2.

I also thought that hae song will evolve and will be a good singer but in the end she still can’t sing, it’s one of the things that I hated. It would have been better if she was able to overcome her trouble with singing. and the ending was just a so so, How can they end it with just a musical? they could have just ended it with jinwoon or jb being a super idol and singing in a stadium or something with lotsa crowds.


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