Full House Review


DISCLAIMER: Courtesy of soulbeats.com picture belongs to its rightful owner.


WOW this is a very long weekend vacation for me. from august 19-22 our class was suspended due to bad weather and I had so much time to watch atleast 2 korean dramas, one was the “Dating agency: Cyrano and now “Full House”

Just finished watching Full House (11:06pm) 8-22-2013.
This is one of the K-dramas in tv back when I was elementary. It was aired in the Philippines along with the METEOR GARDEN that’s why I wasnt able to watch this but now that I’m a K-drama addict and I had time to watch this since my sister have a dvd and I have nothing else to watch. But I didn’t regret it.

I rate this maybe 7 out of 10 because it didn’t made me fall inlove. There are alot of K-dramas I’ve watched that made me fall inlove with the guy, but in this drama I didn’t fall inlove with the character maybe because for me he’s not that handsome. I’m really disaapointed with the final kiss, it’s so awkward and it screams “WE DONT WANNA KISS EACH OTHER, BUT SINCE WERE PAID FOR THIS WE’LL JUST DO IT” (no offense for all the people who loved this drama [Im just having my own opinion]).. But I had a laugh and there were moments that I felt the emotion either happy or sad. Still this is must watch. They are a very cute couple But I think they could have do better If they added more sweet scenes. I really gone insane because they were nice to each ther then after a minute or two theyre in a fight. I just dont get theit, How come there are many bad moments than good moments. hahaha. but still THUMBS UP.


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