Gu Family Book Review




Gu family book isn’t one of my most memorable K-Drama because I hate tragic stories but I end up finishing it and was very heart-broken with the tragic ending of kang chi’s parents love and kangchi’s love. The story was not just about love, it was about family, friends, and nation. I pity the antagonist because He wasn’t able to beat his greediness and end up losing all he have. My heart is still in pain because the actor was so good that up to now I wish I could just marry them off with his one true love. AHHHHHHHH. :(( so sad. I wish this could have season 2. :”>

My overall rating would be 7 out of 10. This story will get 10 out of 10 if they will have season 2 because I want a happy ending for kang chi and yeo wool. this is also a must watch for k-dramas addict out there. It amuses me that the Lee Seung-Gi is a GUMIHO here because from the drama series “My gf is a nine-tailed fox” he was the human and his girlfriend was the gumiho. but I was really looking forward in seeing some tails because a Gumiho is known for their tails but in this drama I haven’t seen any tail. that’s all. Hope my review will help you decide whether you’ll watch this or not. :”> I’m excited for next week. what will be my next “To watch” :”>


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