My Korean Friend. 내 칭구.


This is my very first korean friend. I met him at school because some of my friends know him. His English name is KEVIN, I forgot his korean name. Seong Hoon Shin (just saw this on his fb acct). He isn’t really close to me and I seldom see him at school usually with his korean friends or with his course mate (his course is ab-english).We started talking when I first asked him about my korean notes, but after several days he started hanging out with us at the PCU-D computer lab, he often go there. maybe because a lot of my course mate ( my course is Information tech ) is close with him, since then every time I see him at school I would say “안녕! 어디에 갔어요?” I dont know if this is correct but he would respond to it. hehehe


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