Super Twins (My Canterbury Tales character)


Super Twins IMG-20130710-00979


Our Professor in WORLD LITERATURE—- MR. GILMARTIN GUERRERO gave us an assignment last tuesday (july 9, 2013)

To make our own character. We should describe it and Draw it. I was so inspired by our professors blog that he chose the different characters from ragnarok online to represent the character in the “Canterbury Tales”, That I created my character based on RAGNAROK’s skill but base on my friends faces, although the drawings are far from my friends. I’m really not good in drawing especially people. that’s the best I could do. The character that I made was inspired by my previous subject “MULTIMEDIA ARTS”, we were assigned to make a short movie, and the 2 characters in my movie was BELL and DOROTHY– the ones I used in my assignment in WORLD LITERATURE. This is a very rare moment for me— putting effort in this kind of things, because first and foremost I really don’t like drawing and especially writing in ENGLISH ( my english is very bad). hahahha. but thanks to our professor I was able to finish it with a smile on my face.


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