Heartstrings REVIEW



Final review: June 30,2013

I finally finished watching heartstrings 4:51pm. I hate a story where 1 person especially main character will get sick, but I got through it, hahaha. The last 10 minutes I was panicking because they are still in no good terms, and the last 4 minutes made me cry. I love this K-drama because many wonderful songs were used and the actors and actresses were good. this is a MUST watch for all k-drama addicts like me.. This K-drama don’t have good kissing scene. the final kiss was a bit disappointing, it was not believable but because I’m inlove with the guy so It’s ok, but compared to Love Rain, I would still pick Love Rain.

Review (Episode 1-9)Entry on june 29:

I will be reviewing only the first 9 episodes, I started watching this on June 21-episode 1-2, june 22- episode 3-6, and now June 29-episode 7-9,. It’s taking me long to finish it, not that it’s not good, but rather I’M BUSY because of my school works. sorry for the very long waiting of this review. maybe I can finish this by next week, I’m only halfway finish, and I cant watch this tomorrow because I will be working on my assignment and e-voting system for our school mini thesis. Enough of the chitchat, the first 9 episode is really good, especially now that I’m reaching at the point that Lee xin is now inlove with Lee kyu-Won. hehehe. I’m also addicted to the OST of this drama namely “Because I miss You” by Jung Hyong-Wa and “Star” by Yeo Joon-Hee. I fell inlove again for the very many times. hahaha Jung really is handsome and so is Joon. This K-Drama is a must watch for all Korean Drama addicts out there like me.( I will be updating this review when I finish the drama)

The full information about this K-Drama is here:

Heartstrings-Korean Drama AsianWiki.–the teasers per episode is also included.


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