this man is a friend of my friend. He learned korean in 2 weeks by simply watching korean dramas/movies and learning from the internet non-stop day and night. My friend introduced me to him yesterday (june 21, 2013) I immediately asked him a few questions and he answered kowledgeably (dont know if my grammar is right, but you get the point). Im so happy I now have a SEONBAE. and I forgot to mention he lived in Korean for 2 years I think (from what my friend told me), He was invited by his korean bestfriend, He taught children there how to speak and write and english. I’ll be now learning korean from my books and this guy. btw I also consulted on of my korean schoolmates, ADONIS or KEVIN I think is the name, I showed her my notes and he read it, and I think there are a few mistakes but he get the idea of what I wrote. I’m so happy.


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