A Sister’s Love



A picture of me and my sister fooling around and making faces.(Left- My SISTER, RIGHT – ME )Image


As I write this blog the sad feeling inside me rises. I don’t know what caused this but I know I will be fine. The first semester will be here soon, Am I ready to face my classmates again. Will I be disappointed that some of my friends won’t be attending this school year for some reason. I hope SY 2013-2014 will be good to me. I already saw my grades, and I was proud of it ’cause I know I did a good job. Tomorrow We’ll be visiting my sister at alabang and I’m excited since I haven’t seen her for more than a week. 

My sister and I when we were little , we didn’t get along well, we much appreciate If we’re not to see each other, but things changed when we became adults, we Loved each others company and we enjoy spending our time together. But now My ATE ( sister ) is trying her best to be independent and living on her own, and I pray for her safety and everything she needs to succeed. 🙂 I Love My Sister ( I can’t tell her this face to face ) But I hope someday She would be able to read this. 

loving sister,



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