Queen In-hyun’s Man Review


Queen In-hyun's Man


PLOT:Year 1694, Joseon Dynasty: Gim Bong-du (Ji Hyun-woo) is a noble-born scholar and his family’s sole survivor after they were massacred in a conspiracy. Boong-do supports the reinstatement of Queen In-hyun, who was deposed due to scheming by royal concubine Lady Jang.

Year 2012, modern-day Seoul: Choi Hee-jin (Yoo In-na), an unsuccessful actress, lands her big break when she is cast as Queen In-hyun in the television drama “New Jang Heebin”. Due to a mysterious talisman, Boong-do time-travels to 2012, where he crosses paths with Hee-jin and falls in love.



If you really love korean drama that have a good kissing scene, I recommend you this. I really loved the way they kiss because compared to others, their kiss is so natural and not awkward. I also love the setting, both the old and new. the ending is so romantic that I’ve watched it 3x. 🙂 ( I will be updating me reviews soon) .


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